About Us

Creative Kitchen Supply Inc. is a one stop shop organization, servicing all spectrums of the food industry.

Creative Kitchen Supply Inc. was established in 1985 by Chef Olaf Nicolaisen, whom prior to opening the business was a chef and culinary instructor for over 40 years. With experience and a good understanding of the needs of the food industry he created Creative Kitchen Supply Inc. to better satisfy demands.

Chef Olaf started with selling chef knives, but soon added a full line of chef apparel. He started focusing on culinary schools, hotels and other hospitality establishments in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years he has been able to supply some of the most respected and established culinary institutions and expand the business outward to other cities in Ontario.

In 2009 fellow business colleague and entrepreneur Fernando Peralta bought the business from Chef Olaf in hopes of expanding Creative Kitchen Supply Inc. to supply both commercial and residential users. Since, Creative Kitchen Supply has developed into an organization that provides goods to all markets of the food industry.

Creative Kitchen Supply Inc. strives to provide customers with outstanding value, service and quality products for their everyday needs. Customer service and satisfaction is our priority and it is what we built our name on.