Johnson Rose Fryer Baskets

If deep-frying just about anything sounds like a good way to drum-up business in your restaurant, Johnson Rose has just the product to suit your needs. Their rectangular wire fry basket  is ideal for light to heavily-breaded food products. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to invent a brand-spanking new deep-fried delicacy or sticking with a  tried-and-true order of French fries, this basket can dive right into the fryer and create something delicious. It is nickel-plated to resist corrosion, has a heavy-duty, reinforced frame to withstand heavy use and is easy to clean. The heat-resistant plastic handle promotes employee safety.

Available in:

Black - 11" X 5-5/8" X 4-1/8"

Orange - 12-1/8" X 6-5/16" X 5-5/16"

Yellow - 16-3/4" X 8-3/4" X 6"

Red - 12-7/8" X 6-1/2" X 5-3/8"

Green - 13-1/4" X 6-1/2" X 5-13/16"

Blue - 13-1/4" X 5-5/8" X 5-11/16"